Tote bag Fight like a girl


Tote bag simile linen with extra large handles designed by Silvia Romeral. Machine washable at a maximum of 30 ºC.


Hey trendsetter, ready to rock some serious kendo vibes? 🌟 Our Simile Linen Tote Bag handpainted by Silvia Romeral is here to level up your accessory game! With an illustrated girl kendo player and the inspiring “Fight Like a Girl” message, this bag is all about merging elegance with empowerment.

🎨 Artistry unleashed 🎨

Dive into the world of hand-painted watercolors as they bring to life the spirited girl kendo player on this tote. It’s not just an illustration; it’s a work of art that’s as unique as your style!

💪 Warrior mindset, chic look 💪

Show the world that strength and grace go hand in hand. “Fight Like a Girl” isn’t just a saying – it’s a declaration that you face challenges with your head held high and your heart ablaze.

🌸 Tote-ally you! 🌸

With extra-large handles, this tote bag isn’t just about carrying stuff; it’s about carrying your spirit. It’s perfect for everyday adventures, from the dojo to the grocery store.

Ready to make a statement that’s as bold as your kendo moves? Snag our Simile Linen Tote Bag with the “Fight Like a Girl” illustration and show the world that you’re a warrior with style!

All of Silvia’s designs have been hand-painted with watercolor so, as we print each tote bag by hand, it is possible that the final design may vary slightly from the product photo.

This tote bag measures 37 x 41.5 cm without handles, supports up to 8 kg of weight and its handles are especially long (2.5 x 33 cm), ideal for the day-to-day life of all kendoka!

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