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This tote bag is machine washable at a maximum of 30 ºC.

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Hey there, kendo connoisseurs and style seekers! 🤩 Get ready to carry your passion in style with our Simile Linen Tote Bag designed by Gonzalo Aeneas exclusively for Kirikaeshi, featuring a hand-drawn ink illustration of a pair of kote. This tote bag isn’t just about fashion; it’s about showcasing your love for kendo in the most stylish way!

🖋️ Ink-credible artistry 🖋️

The hand-drawn ink illustration of kote adds an artistic touch that’s as unique as your kendo moves. It’s a nod to your dedication to the art and your commitment to style!

💪 Strength in every stitch 💪

Measuring a sturdy 37 x 41.5 cm (without handles) and capable of handling up to 8 kg of weight, this tote is your reliable sidekick for any adventure. Plus, the extra-long handles (2.5 x 33 cm) make carrying a breeze.

🌊 Wash & Repeat 🌊

Life can get messy, but no worries – this tote is washable at 30 ºC, ensuring it stays fresh and ready for your next journey.

Ready to add some kendo flair to your daily routine? Snag our Kote-Inspired Tote Bag today and carry your passion with you wherever you go!


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