Charm Koi


Metallic charm with gold and red koi with engraved bead. Multicolored cord in different shades.


Hey there, charm collectors and aquatic adventurers! Get ready to swim in style with our mesmerizing Japanese Koi Charm โ€“ a splash of gold, red, and pure charm that’ll make your heart swim!

A splash of elegance

Our charming koi is not just another fish in the sea. With intricate engraving on a golden backdrop, it’s like wearing a slice of Japan’s artistry and culture around you.

Colorful cord for extra Oomph!

Each charm comes with a silky cord that’s as unique as you are. From yellow to purple, the cord dances with shades that match your individuality. Talk about making a statement in style!

Reel in the fun!

Clip this little swimmer onto your bag, keys, or anywhere you want to spread some fin-tastic vibes. The articulated design adds a touch of movement that’ll keep your days flowing smoothly.

Ready to make a splash? Dive into our Japanese Koi Charm today and let the good times swim along with you.
It’s charm magic that’s off the scales! ๐ŸŒŸ

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